We’re making it easier for Tenants too

Part of the PropertyMyWay vision is to give tenants access the same services provided to Landlords..

PropertyMyWay is a completely FREE service for tenants that will provide an online tool to store all there tenancy history, documents and references. It will also allow you to communicate with your landlord via SMS or email and record all the messages in our system for future reference. You can even store photos as evidence, and create notices .

The benefits to you include;

  • SMS & email connectivity getting you in touch with your Landlord
  • Communication via PropertyMyWay are recorded so that you are able to keep track of all messages and conversations
  • Upload documents that relate to your tenancy history and rental so they’re always available when you need it
  • If it’s time to move house you can create rental applications for properties online
  • PropertyMyWay helps you have a good working relationship with your Landlord.
  • You’re notified when notices are sent so you’re not surprised when they arrive
  • You will receive an automated reminder SMS the day that your rent is due so you should never miss a payment
  • PropertyMyWay is available on the web, iPad and soon Android, so no matter your preference we have it covered