Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is PropertyMyWay and how will it help me?

PropertyMyWay is a new generation website that combines all aspects of property management requirements into a single service.

Landlords: Be your own property manager and save thousands of dollars a year by managing your property with PropertyMyWay. Our Landlord portal is comprehensive, informative and simple to use, with all the forms you need to manage your property.

Tenants: Will be able to ave all their rental history, documents and information, and if they’re your tenant link to your property. They will be able to apply for properties using our rental application which will be included for free.

Tradies: Can advertise their services and soon will be able to designate what areas they work in, making it easier for Landlords and Tenants to find help where their property is located.

At present we’re fine tuning the rental and property management portals, which includes tenants and tradies. Then we’ll be setting it up so that you can advertise and sell properties online.

Q. Help, I’ve forgotten my Password!

To recover your password click on Login at the top right hand side of the home screen.

You will then see a link at the bottom of the sign-in box that say’s Forgotten Email/Password.

Click on that link, enter the email address that you signed up with and we will then send an email to you with a temporary password. You’ll then be required to reset your password.

Q. Help, I’ve forgotten my Login email!

Please contact PropertyMyWay by sending us a message via the Contact Us tab on our website or give us a call on 1300 77 62 62 (during business hours) so that we can verify your details and get you back online very soon!

Q. Will my personal information remain secure?

Personal information obtained will be persevered securely in accordance with our internal security policy and the National Privacy Principles. For further details please refer to our Privacy Page

Q. When I sign up as a Landlord, how are payments processed?

After your initial 30 Day Free trial, you will be prompted to subscribe to the website. When you complete the subscription automatic recurring payments for the Services will be processed each month from your credit or debit card. For more information please refer to our Terms and Conditions

Q. Can I sign up for PropertyMyWay via the iPad / iPhone app?

Due to Apple’s restrictive requirements we are not able to process registrations via the iPad or iPhone. All registrations need to be completed on our website at

Q. I already signed up but I didn’t validate the link that was emailed to me within 24hours, what should I do?

If 24 hours have passed you should be able to start the process again by entering your name, email address and password. Don’t forget to validate the link that we send to you – if you can’t see it in your Inbox check your Junk folder. If you still don’t receive the email, please call 1300 77 62 62.

Q. How do I advertise on PropertyMyWay ?

At present we are finishing the design of our advertising portal, but you can contact us as we’ll upload all the information needed to get your property on the web. Please call us on 1300 77 62 62 for more information.

Q. What can you do that another property manager can’t?

We give you choices! Other property managers don’t have the software that lets you manage your property, or have us manage it for you. We are available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week via mobile or the office number. We provide one on one direct service that is lacking within this industry.

Q. Will you personally manage my property?

One of the problems with traditional property management is that staff transition frequently. At PropertyMyWay we have organized our systems that whoever manages your property is able to view all the history in our CRM, and that our staff treat tenants, tradies and landlords with the utmost respect. Your property will be well managed regardless of who is attending to your needs.

Q. How can you demonstrate your knowledge of the current rental market?

The market in general has dropped a little within the last 6 months. I have been involved directly with all the ups & downs of the market during that time – and know it very well. With the availability of market analysis trends from companies like CoreLogic, REIWA and others, we are keeping up to date on a month by month basis.

Q. How many properties do you personally, & the company currently manage?

It is our goal to ensure that no property manager is to manage more than 80-90 properties. (This is almost half what other real estate offices set) We intend to keep the properties well managed so we can provide that personal service that is required when managing a property. I started PropertyMyWay to make a difference in the industry & to provide the one on one personal service which I found was lost when too many properties are being managed by one office. I like to personally know the people that I deal with are happy with our system and services being provided.

Q. Do you charge and enforce late fees should a tenant be in arrears?

No, late penalty fees cannot to be charged because of the introduction of the revised legislation to the Residential Tenancies Act which took effect l” July 2013. Our system notifies us when rents are due – however should a tenant fall behind in rent a form 1B termination notice for non-payment of rent is issued the two days after the due day (we make a personal  Phone call and email the tenant before sending). There is a zero tolerance for late payments.

Q. How often would rental income be paid into my account?

We pay all owners on the last working day of each month to your nominated bank account.

Q. What happens if my property needs urgent maintenance?

Depending on the urgency – if it is electrical/Plumbing or gas we will arrange the contractor to attend immediately if it is life threatening & either an email or a phone call will be made to you directly after. If it’s non urgent maintenance, you are contacted prior to any contractor being issued unless you have authorised us with a maximum spend per repair/maintenance.

Q. How often are rental inspections conducted?

The first rent inspection is conducted 6 weeks after the commencement of a new tenancy. Subsequent inspections are carried out quarterly. You & your tenant are given copies of the routine inspection reports.