About PropertyMyWay

PropertyMyWay is a Perth based company and so far our tools and software are working for Western Australian laws and procedures, but we’re developing the site to support all states. It won’t be long, so please leave us a message here and we’ll let you know as soon as we have it all finished for your state.

Why We Started

Like many property investors, the developer of this unique website had numerous unhelpful experiences with property managers and this impacted considerably on the overall value of investments. It was realised that all the tools needed to manage properties could be set up in a single website and thus this property management system was developed. It is primarily a control tool, greatly needed in the market, so that all are able to manage real estate with confidence and importantly considerable financial saving.

So this is where PropertyMyWay had its genesis and now the website is being expanded to include tools for tenants and trades people. It will bring together all involved in a rental property. It is simple and convenient to use giving ready access to information, forms, links, forums and much more. Perhaps the main attraction of PropertyMyWay is its availability on the Web, iPad, and soon on Android and Windows 8. It is a cloud based system so worldwide access is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The PropertyMyWay Vision

As PropertyMyWay evolves into a very useful toolkit for landlords, tenants, trades and property managers alike, the vision is that it will provide a remarkable tool to buy and sell properties online and a platform for advertising rental properties.

It can be stated with confidence that PropertyMyWay will be the first choice to manage and maintain rental properties.

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